Message from Chairman

In the first quarter of 2021, the Company entered into a joint investment transaction with Government Savings Bank to expand the personal loan business under the auto title loans for quality and low risk customers operated by Fast Money Co., Ltd. In addition, the Company also engaged in a joint investment transaction with Noble Development Public Company Limited in SWP Asset Management Co., Ltd to expand the asset management business. Following the joint investment, Fast Money Co., Ltd was changed from the Company’s subsidiary to an associate; therefore, the assets, liabilities and income from Fast Money Co., Ltd have not been incorporated to the Company’s consolidated financial statement.

In regard to the Company’s overall core operation, the loan portfolio was unable to be expanded to meet the Company’s target due to COVID-19 infections. Meanwhile, the loan portfolio size was reduced after the aforementioned subsidiary was transformed to the associate. However, Srisawad Capital Co., Ltd. which provides personal loan services under the regulatory supervision, invested in S Leasing Co., Ltd to provide hire purchase loans for new motorcycles. Therefore, the Company has resumed the hire purchase loan business for new motorcycles once again through S Leasing Co., Ltd. In terms of services, the Company had continued to expand our branch network to enlarge our service coverage to serve customers. As of the end of 2021, the Company marked the total branch network of 4,908 branches, located in urban communities both in Bangkok and the provinces across the country. In addition, the Company also has service channels through our partner, i.e., the Government Savings Bank, as well as other offline and online channels. However, the Company had remained cautious about loan releases, debt management, and cost control. Meanwhile, the Company had continued to pursue sustainable growth and also expanded the insurance brokeage market. Therefore, the Company generated the net profit of 5,037.94 million baht, increasing by 5% on a year-on-year basis from 4,790.83 million baht in 2020.

The Company is committed to continuing to drive operating profit growth and targets to expand to a new business segment “Buy now pay later”, with a growth target expected to outpace 2021 growth by 30%. The Company will continue to expand our branch networks to access more communities as well as offer services through online channels. Meanwhile, the Company will release loans with caution while managing risks associated with different ongoing circumstances. The Company will also expand growth in different business segments, including the insurance brokerage business. Furthermore, the Company targets to enhance technologies while seeking new business partners, both locally and overseas in order to expand our core businesses and/or potential businesses, which can help to drive the Company’s future growth.

The Company is committed to strengthening our business under extensive experiences of our personnel, management and employees in order to drive the Company’s sustainable growth, create satisfaction among customers under the Company’s rules and regulations, and bring returns to all related parties, including shareholders, alliances, business partners, customers and employees.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to our directors, customers, business partners, investors, and shareholders for their warm support. My gratitude also goes to the management and employees for all their commitment and devotion to drive the Company’s growth and progress in the future.

Mr. Sukhont Kanjanahuttakij