Whistle Blowing Form / Corruption Complaints

1. Employees must not disregard or ignore acts that contradicts the company’s polices or actions that may be related to corruption involving the Company. Employees must notify their direct supervisor or the supervisor responsible for the department. If there are any questions or inquiries, the employee may consult their supervisor.

2. Those who have witnessed or suspected that there are acts of corruption, or have been affected due to their action against corruption, may file a complaint through any of the company’s channels as follows:

  • Directly notifying the Company’s Chief Executive Officer or Managing Director
  • Directly notifying the Chairman of the Audit Committee through the Secretary of the Audit Committee
  • Notifying their direct supervisors.
    For of matters concerning senior management or director level, the employee may directly inform the Chairman of the Audit Committee.
  • Contacting email: AC@srisawadpower.com
  • Or complete our Whistle Blowing Form as below

3. Employees shall cooperate in verifying and providing facts upon witnessing acts of corruption.

4. The company is committed to treat employees who report on or reject acts of corruption with fairness and to provide protection in accordance with the policy on corruption reporting.

Whistle Blowing Form / Corruption Complaints